Friday, May 6, 2011

Talent in Store

Recently I was watching a television show about people who buy and then sell the contents of abandoned storage lockers. You know the ones ,the rows upon rows of storage units that vary from size to size and seem to be on just about every street corner. Well, one of the younger buyers stopped to ask one of the more experienced buyers for some advice. The more experienced persons response was essentially, "I do this for  a living, any advice I give you I will have to charge you for."

I thought "wow" what is this world coming to when simple advice from a friend or co-worker has to come with a price.

At The Giving Principle we advocate giving of your "time, talent and treasure". This is one those instances when giving of your talent is all that is needed. The ability to pass on some of the knowledge or talent that you have accumulated over the years is often more powerful than any other gift you can give. It often can not be measured the way a monetary gift or a gift of time can, but it can be one of the most influential. Why? Because eventually time passes on, treasure is consumed but talent is something that can be kept and used forever.

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