Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas all year long

The sun goes down on another Christmas.
But a New Year of GIVING begins.

Now that Christmas is over and most of the decorations have been put away, many are going back to work or school, life. Post Christmas, is going back to normal. But think back to Christmas morning or for others Christmas Eve. Remember your excitement and anticipation when the gifts you spent painstakingly long hours looking for were finally under the tree, wrapped up in a beautiful bow, just waiting to be opened.

Then it came! The gift was picked up by an excited friend or family member. Their eyes got a little wide as they placed the gift in their lap. They looked in your direction and gave you a little smile. Then they either opened the gift slowly, savoring the moment or tore into it like....well a child on Christmas morning. It is difficult to say who was more excited them or you.

The joy of giving need not be only at Chrsitmas. Keep that feeling all year long. Plan ahead to give, set time aside to "shop" and then give freely and generously and experience that Chrsitmas feeling all year long.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Gift from The Giving Principle

They followed the star...  that led them to the first Christmas.

We here at The Giving Principle make it our mission to encourage others to give. So during this Christmas time allow us to give something to you. This beautiful gift has been passed on to us and we would like to pass it on to you.

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 13, 2010

Preparing Ahead Of Time To GIVE

With some paperclips, envelopes and GP cards one can
plan ahead and be prepared when the opportunity arises to give.
If you are paying ahead always give a clerk some cards also.

Giving takes forethought. I have found that it takes preparation for my giving. So what I do is get some paperclips and some $5, $10 and $20 bills and paperclip a Giving Principle card to each bill. I keep these handy so when the opportunity arises to give to someone in need I am prepared.

Giving is easy with a little preparation. This way with a little planning you will be ready to give when the opportunity arises.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The History of Santa Claus

What a great guy this Santa is! Always giving to those in need and those who deserve it because they are kind and good people. Naught or Nice...
So was there a real Santa? Yes Virginia there is!   Santa's real name was Saint Nick or Nicholis.
In short Saint Nick was a very rich man in the forth century. He received an huge inheritance from his family and vowed to God he would give it away to those in need and that's exactly what he did while he lived on the earth.
You also can continue these age old principles of GIVING. Print out some GP cards, visit our Great Giving Ideas Page and begin. Christmas all year around!

The history channel has a short video on the orgins of Christmas and Saint Nick. Click below to watch it.