Monday, January 17, 2011

Planting seeds of GIVING.

During the winter months our gardens sit idle, covered in frost and snow. However, when spring arrives there is great anticipation as the seedlings that have been planted begin to break through the soil and reach for the sun. Fruits, vegetables even wildflowers begin their awakening in the warming weather. I think that I take as much (or more) joy from watching our garden grow as I do in harvesting and consuming it's bounty.

Giving is much like planting a garden. We sow seeds in anticipation that they will grow and become fruitful. Not every seed planted takes root. Some are scattered to the wind, some are consumed by birds and others just fail to thrive, however we continue to sow in hopes that our seeds will take root and we can enjoy a harvest.

So go and plant seeds of giving. You may not always be able to see or enjoy the harvest but bask in the enjoyment of sowing.