Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gone fishing

It is that wonderful spring time of year once again. For many people that means that they can get back out of the house and enjoy some long awaited outdoor activities. Activities that you enjoy can also be used to bless others. Take fishing for example, many people subscribe to the theory of catch and release. This is the process of catching fish generally for the sport and enjoyment of fishing but for one reason or another the fish are placed back into the water uninjured in order to be fished again. This may be done because the fisher has caught his quota of fish for the day or maybe because she does not like fish.

Either way, consider saving the fish and keeping them on ice and donating them to a needy family you may know or donating them to a food shelter. The same can be done with wild game that hunters harvest. One large elk or deer can provide a family with enough meat for an entire year.

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