Friday, September 23, 2011

Do you give or do you take?

Recently as I was driving down the highway and a truck passed me. A rock flew up striking my windshield. It did not leave  just a chip, however a crack that went from the bottom of my windshield straight to the top.

A few weeks later I went in to my local glass shop for a new windshield. Now, here in my part of the world there is a lot competition among glass companies to get a share of the windshield replacement pie. As a result the glass companies offer several different types of incentives to attract customers to their shop. This particular shop offered a certificate for a free lunch at a neighboring restaurant.

Imagine my surprise when the employee told me that I was receiving two certificates for lunch, one for me and one for my daughter. She then told me that the previous customer had asked that the free lunch she was awarded be passed on to the next customer.

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